Press Release 25-09-2015

Agenda of the Planet Earth (Community Cultural online) sent their proposal ETHICAL FOOD on 25 September 2015 to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon to offer concrete help in solving problems related to survival of all the planet's inhabitants without injustice, murder and cruelty.


The 26 million users of Megashouts reached by the international campaign #stopfameciboverde [] to "Feed the planet without killing”, spontaneous subscriptions of thousands of people, the membership of journalists, writers, photographers and many many young people all over the world (also from China, Japan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia etc ..) demonstrate the interest and sharing for this proposal which, after all, is not far removed from the same assumptions expressed by the UN.
Will the VEGAN effect replace the GREENHOUSE effect?
Common sense and justice tell us YES. Abolishing hunger, stopping planetary pollution, promoting the health of world citizens, eliminating suffering and the killing of billions of animals - all these indisputable necessities.
The myth of meat is over just like the myth of animal skins, elephants killed for ivory, lions killed for fun, hunting for whales, dolphins, tuna, seals, force fed geese, sheep skinned alive, chicks shredded alive, dairy cattle and calves torn from their mothers, the sows imprisoned etc ..
After the big misunderstanding. And the future does not feed the planet with fried grasshoppers, ants with sauce or pate worms etc ..
In "sanctuaries" the piglets are already playing - highly intelligent - with frolicking goats, lambs will embrace the gorillas. And even the fish in the sea like the caresses and not love.
Animal lovers and vegans have been right to see with eyes of love and empathy.
A new vision of Earth, with all of its children and diversity, a relationship of love among all individuals without violence, domination and war.
Man will reforge his destiny as fruitarian and fruitivore. The Earth will nourish all humans with fruit, vegetable protein, vegetables and cereals without barbarians, without blood, without speculation.


Laura Girardello and Giovanni Peroncini
Directors of the Community Cultural online
Agenda of the Planet Earth



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