Nobel Peace Prize 2016

Dear friends, since the proposal of a special Nobel Prize for animals proves difficult we have today sent a request for more realistic to the Nobel Foundation designating a rare person indeed unique: the Catholic priest and theologian Tomasz Jaeschke who for years tried with the theory and practice to enter the Catholic Church the culture of animal rights.
We propose to him the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016.

We also ask you to write (if you agree) to the Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation, Dr. Lars Heikensten to the following email address, goes something like this: "We support the request of Agenda of the Planet Earth which proposes the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2016 to the extraordinary priest and theologian of Berlin Tomasz Jaeschke for its initiative in favor of animal rights in the framework of the Catholic Church, more than any other initiative that proposes a future true peace for the planet Earth and all its inhabitants."


Thank you

Laura Girardello e Giovanni Peroncini

Agenda del Pianeta Terra