Extra Expo in Network

 Extra Expo in Network - ' food and life for all without torture and death '.


 Event organised by APT - Agenda of the Planet Earth, activated by today, 7 january, until 31 december 2015.


 We call on associations, groups, individuals to participate in Extra Expo in Network on the subject of ' food and life for all without torture and death '.

So we will have a chance to express online our alternative proposals to torture and the killings of innocent animals and the robberies resources for the weakest peoples.
This is how we can propose a project for a different world and possible. So vegan, fruttariani, antispecisti, scholars of green economy, construction alternative, organic farming, clothing without animals, natural medicine, culture green, renewable energy, etc. etc., both in the theory that in practice will suffer together a mosaic of life and of survival in the respect and in justice for all living and for nature.
Available to everyone there is an area demonstration and alternative to the current system of exploitation of animals Humans and not human.
Every participant can post pictures, written, video, studies, research that considers important and workable for this Shows very important to inform and convince who does not know.


For Participate click here