On 2 June 2010, the UN following the FAO data published a document in which he stated the need for a future vegan for the survival of the planet and all its inhabitants. This position came to fruition thanks in part to the animal rights and vegan movements, so that now what appears absurd or even impossible is in fact concrete and realistic.
Thus it is also for this reason that the Agenda of the Planet Earth has developed its own ETHICAL FOOD, known as the "Carta del Lago Cimino". This will stand in contrast to the Milan Charter that was presented at the EXPO, which is insignificant from a practical perspective.
The ETHICAL FOOD that is available at [] have reached more than 26 million people and you can also sign up to it.
Anyone who cares deeply about issues of social justice, animal freedom, and safeguarding earth, air and water resources cannot be apathetic to this proposal document.
A great number of citizens throughout the world demanding interspecific, ecological and economic justice will give strength to the UN to attempt to intervene in all the participating countries and save billions of humans and animals from torture and death.
This is not rhetoric, but justice. We ask you to take part and to spread the word.
Our empathy and distress before so many horrors and so much innocent bloodshed must not be limited to condemning intensive farming and transport methods and slaughterhouses, but should also extend to some perhaps utopian proposals for dismantling the wall of hypocrisy, indifference, ignorance, and cruelty. We should tackle the economic and political interests of the great behemoth of multinationals and slave labourer employers that are causing suffering for slaves and innocent victims.
Let us abolish the massacre of live poultry, the horror of overfed cows, and the suffering of young wrested taken away from their mothers and butchered. Let us end the unfair treatment of animals that produce milk and eggs, piglets and mother sows that are kept locked up, the cries, and the pain of transportation and the red slaughterhouses. Let us reverse the obesity of a western world that is getting fatter by the day and sicker from prohibited foods, along with the vast numbers of those in famine, the thirsty, the sick, and the children who are dying amid wars and land redistribution.
Land, water and air are resources that belong to all, but the dominant players have already hoarded their share of lands in an Africa that is still being exploited. They are making sure that they acquire the strategically favourable areas in crisis-ridden countries.
Just think about it, friends! Let us unite in these demands that can wipe out human and animal slavery, and the culture of violence and death.

Anyone can lend their contribution to the campaign #stopfameciboverde: to join the cause, just visit the link and click on "act now" or "agisci"
You can also sign the CARTA DEL LAGO CIMINO at


Laura Girardello e Giovanni Peroncini
amministratori di Agenda del Pianeta Terra